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Topics Covered

What if I fail?

Art vs Philosophy

Where the F is Shwetabh?

Knowledge: Facts vs Processes

Prakahar's Infinite Experiments

The Relevance of Gaming in the Future

1/Vedant: Organisation is King

Organize and do micro-changes over time

Create uniqueness in your style

Like how our mothers perform micro-changes on domestic help maids

Vedant gave a TEDx Speech in Lockdown

2/ Vedant's TEDx Experience

Spoke about experimentation & the Importance of the choices you make:

1. Leaving Meerut & going to New Delhi

2. Graduation to Startup journey

3. Leaving startup and go abroad to study more (HARD PIVOTS)

Result: Take Risks. You'll Succeed or Learn

3/ Prakhar on Experimentation

By Experimenting, he can transfer skills from one niche to another

The mindset of experimentation is that victory and loss are JUST words

It's all about learning

Be okay with Never giving up

Focus on the Process rather than the Goal

Key Q?

4/ What if I fail?

He can't answer the question "What if I fail"? when others ask him due to their lack of perspective on his experimentation formula.

Conventional wisdom is Societal "Right Talk"

He is irritated with short term thinking!

Experimentation needs Time.

5/ Vedant Counters

Try to explain the power of Compounding by giving a monetary eg. like Mutual Funds

Efforts+Consistency=Exponentially Compounded Results

Consistency in the right direction is key

My Take: Humans can't grasp the concept of Compounding if it's not measurable

6/ Prakhar on Epistemology

1st school of thought: Knowledge is facts.

2nd school of thought: Knowledge are processes and he feels the latter is better

Forget the outcome, pay attention to processes, character, and habits

1st order right talk is overrated

Go deeper!


7/ Prakhar Suggests Films rather than books

Consuming books to be just "Bookish Smart" is not sustainable

Read books cause you love it & Hungry for Knowledge

The best way to remember books is to read those that answer your question Eg. Microbiome, Fitness, Neuroscience, etc.

8/ Generalists vs Specialists

Vedant: If you're Master of one thing & If it disappears then what? Eg. Tiktokers sucking at making Reels

Prakhar: Read books of all domains & transfer principles across disciplines

Final Verdict: Films or Books?

9/ We don't understand the subconscious & unconscious processes

Emotions are the way of communication of the body with yourself

Don't rule out emotions

Films work because emotions, character add different Dimensions

Movies, Art & Stories capture reality better than Philosophy

10/ Language is the map if life is the territory-


To decode Reality & Entropy we use language and finer points are lost in this translation

The beauty lies in these fines point & movies expose these finer points better than writing!

Is Gaming Art?

11/ Relevance of Gaming in Modern World (Will hurt "Alpha Males")

We can incorporate our weirdest & wildest imaginations into gaming.

Instead of writing a book, games will be created to give the audience a VR experience

Prakhar seems very Optimistic about Gaming?

12/ Prakhar wants to create a VR experience of Cheerharan in Mahabharath

(Please watch this part for more clarity)

The beauty will be lost in translation

Vedant agrees

Prakhar tells his Israel Story

13/ Evolution is a Simp to Women!

Women dictate what's cool for Men.

Vedant's Youtube Recommendation: Girlfriend Reviews

Women don't understand the power they have over men Evolution is a SIMP!

Video games are an advanced version of daydreaming!


14/ Things to Contemplate

-What Actions do you do because of society?

-If you watch Big boss, are you Intelligent?

-People live vicariously through "Influencer's Life"

-For what will you not trade in your Business Ethics?

Conclusion & Recommendations

TV Series

-Black Mirror

-Social Dilemma



-Anything authored by Nasim Taleb

Go watch Raw & Real #11 for full power Perspectives

Oh & also "The Weirdest Vlog Ever".

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